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The "MESONISSOS" Center for Island and Mediterranean Culture was founded in November 2002.






Through individual actions or collaborations, it develops activities and events that promote the cornerstone of human civilization, justice and its institutions. It is an inspiration that embraces the old Mediterranean and as an island of ideas it endeavors to take root in this ancient sea, among other islands, to listen to Poseidon and to stimulate all those who awaken in the light of Delius Apollo or the prophetic words of Patmian John.






The purpose of the Center is to highlight elements and knowledge of Mediterranean History, Culture and Folk Traditions, as well as to provide expertise, the use of New Technologies with emphasis on environmental protection, to highlight issues related to Literature, Poetry, History, Human Rights, Mental Health, Welfare, Food Aid, Social Care, Education, Work, Protection of Vulnerable Groups (family, child and youth, elderly, people with special needs). Also of particular interest to the Center is Geopolitics, Geology and Development on a national scale. The aims of the agency are to raise awareness of the above and to exploit the potential of the populations within the Greek Area and the World.






In addition, MESONISOS publishes books, periodicals and newspapers. Its areas of activity include Organizing Artistic Events, Ecology as a Lifestyle, Sustainable Development, Developing and Promoting the Use of New Technologies, Developing and Applying Renewable Energy, Developing Income-Generating Programs for the Disadvantaged and Disadvantaged. Mediterranean islands and other islands of the world, Youth Entrepreneurship, Women, Immigrants, People with Disabilities (Disabled) and other vulnerable social groups, Poverty Reduction ,Improving the Entrepreneurship of Small and Medium Enterprises, Developing and / or Participating in Projects and / or Programs for the Support and Enhancement of the aforementioned Social Groups, the  Study  and Protection of  Fundamental Human Rights, Interpreting and Analyzing Political and Social Policy in older times as well as modern society,  Assistance in all forms, Welfare, Support, Protection and Respect for People with Disabilities, Health and Psychological Support for People in Need , in particular the aforementioned social groups, mentioned above in Medical Research, Organization of Conferences, Granting scholarships, Organizing meetings, conferences and seminars on issues related to the aims of "Mesonisos". 
The MESONISSOS Center for Island and Mediterranean Culture organizes a variety of activities, the results of which are summarized in workshops, symposiums, conferences and regards the aforementioned topics. It aims at elaborating and highlighting the History, Culture and, in general, the nature of Peculiarities, the Common Attributes of the issues of the Mediterranean Islands. In addition, the Revival, Preservation and Development of Folk Art, Craftsmanship and in general traditional productive and humanitarian activities, including their sports and traditional products. Also, the Restoration, Preservation and Protection of the Environment as well as the Study and Solving of their common problems through communication and exchange of experiences. It   also calls upon   the assistance of their state and local administrative bodies. 






The Center for Island and Mediterranean Culture "MESONISSOS" is certified by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization. It is also certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (HYDAS), the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare. Particularly by the latter, it has been certified for actions such as:


1. Social aid for the Elefsina Love Center (Friendly Nest) for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays for the years 2010, 2011, 2012.


2. Participation in the "Christmas in the City" action implemented at the Attica Rehabilitation and Recovery Center for Children with Disabilities. The aim of the action was to involve the handicapped minors in daily activities and entertainment events within the boundaries of the Municipality of Voula-Vari-Vouliagmeni within the framework of their social inclusion and the fight against social exclusion. This specific   action was   carried out from the 12/15/12 through to the 15/1/2013.


3. Implementation of the Action Program "Supportive Teaching for PIKPA Children" and especially for the children who are being simulated at the Attica Rehabilitation & Recovery Center for Children with Disabilities. This specific action was carried out from the 10/01/2012 to the 05/30/2013.


4. Implementation of the creative activity and entertainment program in BEACH of PIKPA entitled "Play and Laugh on PIK BEACH", held from the 07/01/2013 through to the 27/08/2013.


5. Implementation of the landscaping action of the surrounding area of ​​the CSDP and designation of the beach which is available in May and June 2013.


6. Participation in the dissemination of the activities of the Zakynthos Public Perception Agency (ZZDZ), in order to help the chronically ill, mentally retarded and the elderly with food, clothing, books and printed materials. The Program ran from the 30/8/2010 through to 30/12/2010.


7. Organizing an Information Day on the aims and actions of Zakynthos Public Perception Agency and in particular informing the public about the Creative Employment of the Elderly program and the Protection of Childhood program. The meeting was held on the 1st of   September 2010 at the "Mesonisos" offices.


8. Participation in the dissemination of the activities of the Zakynthos Public Perception Agency (ICZD), in order to help the chronically ill, mentally retarded and the elderly with food, clothing, books and printed materials. The Program took place from the 29/8/2011 through to the 30/12/2011.



The activities of the "MESONISSOS" Center for Island and Mediterranean Culture are as follows:

·               201 8

- Rhodes, 5 - 7/10 the 5th " Poiiessa Interdisciplinary Symposium –the Aegean  Sea: The Peace Archipelago", in collaboration with the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes.

·               2017

Syros 16 - 18/6   the 4th   Interdisciplinary Symposium " Syra ", in collaboration with the European Research and Training Center for the Environment ”EKEPEK”, Panteion  Universityof Athens.

Athens, 21/03 Melina Mercouri Foundation: A tribute to "poetry".

·               2016

Chania, 13-15/5 the 3rd  International Geocultural Symposium "Samaria", in collaboration with members of the scientific community of the University of Athens, Department of Geology and Geo environment .

·               201 5

Lesvos, 4-6/6  the  2nd  International Geocultural Symposium  "SIGRI" in collaboration with members of the scientific community of the University of Athens, Department of Geology and Geo environment, University of the Aegean, Department of Geography and the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest . The Symposium's themes are geocultural (Geology, Geography and Archeology-History). Speakers are acclaimed professors-geographers-geologists, volcano virologists, archaeologists-historians. The Symposium kicked off on June 4th at the Municipal TheaterThe following day there were lectures at the amphitheater of the University of the Aegean, and on the 6th of June, a guided excursion to the Petrified Forest took place as well as lectures at the amphitheater of the Natural History Museum at the  Petrified Forest..  


Athens 18/2, Organizing the presentation of the book entitled "Ecumenical Patriarchate and Political Forces: From the Lausanne Conference to the Election of Patriarch Vassilios III", by Archimandrite Evangelos Yfantidis, Protosyncellus of the Holy Metropolis of Italy and Melitis Malta.. The book presentation was held in collaboration with the Alternative Youth Search Cell (KEAN) and Eptalofos editions. The book was presented by His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph of Prikonisos , Mr. Gregory Tsaltas, Minister and Rector of Panteion University, and Mrs. Despina Michalaga, Lecturer at the Athens School of Theology .The event was coordinated by Mr. Dimitrios Gonis Emeritus Professor of the University of Athens and  Dr Elizabeth   Grapsa, Historian / Hall of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens.

·               2014

Santorini, 6-8/6  the 1st  International Geocultural Symposium "CALDERA", in collaboration  with the members of the Science Department of Geology and Geo environment, University of Athens. Speakers were renowned professors of volcano-geologists, archaeologists and historians. (Prof. Vassilios Mamaloukas, Prof. Spyros M Aurakos , Vice-rector NTUA & President of HCMR, Prof. Tim Druitt, Prof. Floyd McCoy, Prof. Tappin David, Prof. Dimitrios Paradisi, Prof. Alexander Hadjipetros, Prof. Anastasia Kiratzi, Prof. Cr and Dr . Elisabeth Grapsa Historian - Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies) - Conference Center “Belonio”. 

·               2013

Venice, 4/10 Symposium entitled "The influence of Byzantium in Venice" Keynote speaker Mr. George Ploumidis, Emeritus Professor and former Vice Rector of the University of Ioannina - Director of the Greek Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice and Dr. Elizabeth Grapsa, Historian - Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies 

·               2010

-  Alexandria/Egypt, 22-25/4, Symposium entitled "Mental Health and the Mediterranean". The Symposium explored the impact of climate change on the mental health of Mediterranean citizens and the wider socio-economic upheavals. The Symposium was held in collaboration with the University of Ioannina and was under the auspices of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. (Mrs. Meni Malliori Medical Psychiatry Professor, University of Athens, Ms. Marina Economou Medical Psychiatry  Professor, University of Athens, Mr. Nick Sitaras Assoc. Professor of Pharmacology University of  Athens, Mrs. Papadopoulou-Daifoti Zoe Laboratory Professor of Pharmacology, University of Athens , Mr. Venos Mavreas Psychiatrist & Professor, Ioannina University, Dr . Elisabeth Grapsa, Historian - Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies ) - Library of Alexandria   

·               2009

Paros, 25-26/09 the 2nd Mediterranean Conference entitled  "Environment and New Technologies". The conference focused on quality of life and climate change issues. The President of the Conference was Mr. Christos Zerefos, Full Member of the Academy of Athens, who has been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his contribution to highlighting the problems of global warming.

-  Delphi, 13-14/02 the 1st Mediterranean Symposium entitled "Health and the Environment". Within the framework of the Symposium, topics related to the environment were developed, such as: Public Health, Cardiology, Oncology and Psychiatry. The President of the Symposium was Ms. Jenny Kourea Kremastinou, Professor of Public Health and Administrative Hygiene - National School of Public Health, Ms. Meni Malliori Associate Professor of Medical Psychiatry, University of Athens and Ms. Marina Economou Associate Professor of Medical Psychiatry, University of Athens, Mr. Gerasimos Rigatos Assistant Professor of Oncology, University of Athens, Mr. Nikos Sitaras Associate Professor  of Pharmacology, University of Athens - Delphi Cultural and Conference Center. 

·               2008

Santorini, 31/05 -01/06  the  1st Mediterranean Symposium on "Environment and New Technologies". The scientific topics were presented  by the professors: Mr. Philippos Constantinou Professor of National Technical University of Athens, Director of the Laboratory of Mobile Radio communication and Mr. Panagiotis Giannoulis Professor in the Department of  Applied Physics, Uuniversity of Patras, Director of the Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory  - Bellonian Convention Center of Santorini

Athens, 05/05 Cultural Event: "Tribute to Tassos Athanasiadis". Speakers: Mr. G. Babiniotis, Professor of Linguistics and President of the "Hellenic Culture" Foundation, Mr. M. Dermitzakis, Vice-Rector of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Mr. S. Kargakos, Author-Historian -  Archaeological Society Hall


·               2007

Athens, 25-26/05 "The Use of Theater Speech, from Antiquity to the Present". Tribute to Director Minos Volanakis. Bookstore   Gallery. Co-Organized with   the Theater Semiology Center (Chair Professor and Dean of the School of Philosophy, Ms. Marika Thomadaki) - Bookstore Gallery Room


·         2005

Rethymnon, 02/07 "The Life and Work of Kyriakos - Dominicos Theotokopoulos". Lecturer Mr. M. Stefanidis, Professor of Art History at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Thessaloniki, 14/05 "The Vergina". Speaker Ms. Chr. Paliadeli, Professor of Classical Archeology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Cd-Rom presentation Mr. P.Karioris, IEL Researcher, Archaeologist-Art History - Hotel Kapsis

 Alexandroupoli, 04/05 "Greek Thrace in the context of United Europe". Speaker Mr. N. Sarris, Professor of Sociology, Panteion University- Hotel Egnatia

- Athens  "From Rembrandt to Van Gogh: The Adventure of the Body". Agricultural Bank Conference Center. Speaker Mr. M.Stefanidis, Associate Professor of the University of Athens, Art Critic - ATE Conference Center, Kastri 


·               2004

Barcelona, 17/09, 24/09 and 22/10 "The Presence of the Ancient Greeks on the Iberian Peninsula and the Influence of Greek Culture in Spain". Speaker Prof. Gemma Fortea Domenesh, Research Scholar, University of Barcelona

Venice, 18/06 and 25/06 "From Istanbul to Venice and from Byzantium to the Renaissance» (Bellini, Titsiano, Greco, Caravazo) Speaker Mr. Manos Stephanidis, Assistant University Professor, Art Critic. Room Ca Rezzonico Palazzo , The Mu 18th  century Museum, situated in Palazzo Rezzonico

Nafplio 22/05 "Ioannis Kapodistrias", The Great Greek Diplomat and First Governor of Greece.

Speaker  Mrs. Helen  Koukou, Professor, University of Athens, Historian -



Athens, 19/0 4 "Ionian Islands Strokes" Tribute to Dionysios Solomos, Parnassos Hall ( Karytsi 8  - Agios Georgios Square)

"The Poetic Art of Solomos"

Speaker  Mr. Eratosthenes Kapsomenos, Professor and Dean of the University of Ioannina.

"Presentation of the CD rom of the Greek Parliament on Dionysus Solomos"

Presented by Mr. Eratosthenes Kapsomenos and Mr. Christos Penita, IEL Researcher (Institute of Speech Processing)

Recitations  and Musical Sounds of Solomos' lyrics.

The works were performed by actors Maria Zachari and Elias Logothetis , singers Giannis Thomopoulos and Roula Biza.

Kalamata, 23/10 "Ancient Messina, Recent Studies". Speaker  Mr. Petros Themelis , University Professor. The event was held in collaboration  with the Prefecture of Messinia. Amphitheater of Alexandros Koumoundouros Prefecture


·               2003

Naoussa, 27/09  "Alexander the Great a Civilizer and Supreme Army Commander", Speaker Mrs. Dionysia Tsirou, Archaeologist- Naoussa Municipal Conservatory.

- Chios "The Chios Maritime Trade and the Maritime Society of Oinousses", Speaker Ms Maria Lekakou Assoc. Professor at the University of the Aegean- Homeric Spiritual Center.

- Oinousses “The History of Greek Merchant Shipping", Speaker Ms Maria Lekakou Assoc. Professor at the University of the Aegean- Cultural Center of Oinousses Municipality.   


·               2002

Madrid, 'The Influence of Surrealism in the 20th century", Lecturer Mr.   Manos Stefanidis, Associate Professor at  Athens University, Art Critic.

Syros, "A Trip to Syros - Three Seasons". Speaker Ms. Rota, Philologist / Folklorist.

Rhodes, "The Arts in Rhodes during the years of Ippocracy 1309-1522". Speaker Ms Papavassiliou, Archaeologist - Municipal Conservatory of Rhodes.

Syros, "The Peaceful Coexistence of the Catholic and Orthodox Church". Lecturer Ms Rotas, Philologist, Folklorist  - Theater Apollo .

Delphi, "Angelos Sikelianos and the Delphic Idea". Lecturer Ms Ritsa Kikilia-Fragou, Professor of Modern Greek Literature, University of Athens - Delphi Cultural Center.

Crete, "Dominicos Theotokopoulos, the Greek". Lecturer Mr. Manos Stefanidis Assoc. Professor at the  University of Athens, Art Critic.